You can meet with us to help you with your business writing needs.  Whether you need pamphlets, booklets for an event or expertise to help with that special presentation these services are readily available. Have you updated your standard operating procedures? Do you need a technical writer? We can consultant and provide these services for your company.

Quality Management

Your Company deserves to operate with excellence according to industry standards to gain market share as well as the competitive edge.  We offer Change Management, Lean, Six Sigma and other services yielding quality innovation.  Lean Training is also available. Working with employees from the floor to the top office is what we do best. 

General Management

While working toward your goals, daily operations must be continuously measured and monitored with quantitative and qualitative analysis.  Projects must be implemented on-time and under budget.  Researching your competitors and the environment provides valuable information for your corporate strategies and continuous improvements.  SF Consultant LLC has experience that provides insight to get the best results.  Financial analysis is also available upon request.