Music Bio

As a youth, Sharon had 10 years of piano training. She played for the church for 4 years. However, during her teen years, not knowing God's perfect plan for music in her life, she became uninterested.


Singing was a key element in her evangelistic ministry for 28 years. Sharon's writing talent was discovered in 1998 in a form of a riveting, inspiring paperback entitled "Stand". "Stand" describes her most harrowing experiences that occurred in corporate American and teaches the readers how to resolve work place conflict.


Songwriting began in 2003.  Heaven’s Light, her contemporary Gospel CD, was completed in 2004.  Sharon wrote and sang all of the songs.  Her professional training, love for music and the gift to express emotion is a culmination of her natural God-given talent. Singing is more prevalent in her ministry today because people are more willing to listen to inspiring messages during these difficult times. Sharon has performed with Motown Artist (i.e. the Vandellas, Duke Fakir from the Four Tops, Royal Jokers, Al Chisolm from the Contours, Ola Hemphill, Jazz Artist etc…) in a Gospel Concert.  She has won the Directors’ Award in the Nashville International Lyric Contest for 2008 from the Paramount Group in Nashville, TN. Songs like “America’s Cry”, “Never Too Far Away”, “Simple Pleasures” remains to be heard and remembered. Sharon might be the first African American Female to enter a songwriting contract for Country Music.  Her craft for writing has expanded to several genres.


Screenplay writing is a new found passion.  She’s is the writer of “Help Me” and is currently searching for a reputable agent to help bring this project alive on the silver screen. Sharon was the President of the Detroit Writers Guild.  She enjoyed inspiring and motivating the Guild members. Her goals are to write contemporary and traditional gospel music for new and seasoned artists.

Sharon is married to Lester Floyd and has two daughters Christina and Angelice. She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University. She has taken classical voice lessons at the Marygrove College of Detroit under Ms. Streeby.

Sharon's favorite mottos are: "Remain positive and keep the faith because it will not fail you." "Relationships that have mutual respect, honesty and trust are priceless."