SF Consultant LLC provides quality operations management services that identify best practices and drive bottom-line results.

Core Business Capabilities

Writing, Technical Writing, Lean, Six Sigma, Operations Management, Change Management, Project Management, Metric Development, Continuous Improvement, Continuous Improvement Training, Research and Analytics.

Personal Leadership Strengths/Gallup Organization Strengths


Effectively and efficiently plans, implements and completes projects to meet and exceed the expectations of customers


High ethics in self, community and country; dependability, respect , integrity, honesty are ways of life


Bridge builder for people of different cultures; belief of the unity and betterment of mankind; considerate, caring and accepting; able to work to ensure that other agencies and organizations are positively affected


Customized management skill (i.e. motivate based on each person’s character and style); able to draw the best out of all people; build productive teams


Able to see patterns where others see complexity, able to eliminate obstacles to successfully achieve goals.

Corporate Data

SF Consultant LLC was established on July 24, 2012 in the State of Michigan by Sharon A.Floyd, President. It is an Economically Disadvantage Minority Woman Only Small Business, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certified in accordance with MDOT, and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certified in accordance with Wayne County Airport Authority which services governmental agencies in the United States of America.

DUNS: 07-951-1591 NAICS: 541000, 541611, 541614, 541618, 541910,  541990, 611430, 611710 

PSC: AZ15 R&D Operational System Development,  AZ16 Management Support, AZ11 Basic Research and AZ10 Other R&D 

PROFESSIONAL: R221, Market Research/Public Opinion,  R499 Other Professional Services, R799 Other Management-  Support Services, R420 Certification and Accreditation Services, R408 Program Management,  410 Support-Professional Program evaluation, review,  and development, R405 Operations Research and  Quantitative Analysis, T013 Technical Writing 

CAGE: 76X95 

Direct Deposit and Checks 

EIN: 80-0834807